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Our processes

Manufacturing the best display is not just about having the idea of what you want, it is a process of specific steps that make your display of the highest quality and the best value, from planning the display, knowing the use that will be given, through design and various manufacturing processes and choosing the right materials. All these, make possible that your display is manufactured with the best materials, and designed for a great presentation of your product in its final location.

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Through a creative and avant–garde team, our design center meets the specific needs of the market.

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With a machine center, we have the capacity to ensure an optimal response in the manufacturing of injection moulds and thermoforming.

Moldes Procesos

We have injection moulding machines, with capabilities that go from 300 ranging up to 2,500 tons of pressure.

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Our thermoforming technology for big pieces, lets us “dress” the display, becoming form a standard to a “semi-custom” concept.

Termoformado Procesos

Profile, sheets and tubes fabrication, are internal processes that avoid a third party involved in the display's manufacturing process.

Extrusion Procesos

With Screen UV and Plotter processes in large-format printing, not only we “dress” the Display, but we also include our solutions for the point of sale, advertisements, banners and other elements that attract attention to the final consumer.

Impresion Procesos

A specialized and capable human team in packaging, inspections in detail each display before sending it to the market.

Ensamble Procesos

With national and international logistics, we make the final product arrive to its destination “just in time”.

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