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Our beginnings

Plastival was founded in 1968 by Mr.Francisco A. Valencia Villaseñor in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Plastival started as an outsoursing Injection Moulding vendor serving the Pharmaceutical Industry. In the 80’s Platival explored the Plastic Housewere Market & became leader in the field. In 1994, Francisco Sandoval Valencia enter as Commercial Director to the company, and developed a new area of business: Plastic Display Racks manufactuting. Currently Plastival Display is an undisputed leader in the Mexican Market. We export to the rest of Latin America, and the United States aswell. In our processes, we count with machine centers for mould making, having the capacity to cover your customers specific needs, in addition to having more than 50 standard display templates.

In Plastival Display we know that satisfying our customers demands is not enough; a Display must INCREASE the sales of the product to be exhibited. Besides concentrating all the processes for the plastic displays’s manufacture for the point of sale (design, mould production, injection, thermoforming, printing, extrusion, assembly and packaging services), we are experienced developers of optimization strategies for the point of sale.

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